Queensland Simulation

The Queensland State election took place in January this year. The result was a change of government in which the new Labor government requires the support of at least one of the Katter’s Australian Party members or the sole Independent.

An STV simulation of the voting figures of the election is set out below.

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AGM 2015 – Address by Casey Peters

Casey Peters addressed the 2015 Annual General Meeting of Electoral Reform Australia on the progress of community activism for proportional representation in the USA. His own involvement dated from membership of a study group of the Peace and Freedom Party called People for Proportional Representation (PFPR) which advocates for effective voting.

He spoke about The Initiative by which any California voter can put an initiative or referendum on the ballot by following a defined process. He also spoke of the history of PR in the USA from the 1920s when there was a move by the National Municipal League to promote PR for use in city elections. By the 1950s, it was out of fashion and was abandoned by many cities in order to remove particular groups (e.g. Communists) from their councils.

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